Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's watch the big game! Again.

DVR has apparently not yet come to France. Yesterday I saw a big sign on the window of a local restaurant that said “Ecran Géant, Retransmission de l'OM v. Montpellier, Samedi 23 Avril”. So there’s to be a soccer game on TV today, and the resto’s busting out their big screen. Cool. I’m all about being a fan of the local team, so this morning I checked the tv guide and geared up for the big game. Sure enough, at 8:30pm Marseille (OM) against Montpellier. Some side note said something about some sort of cup. Later in the day that struck my curiosity, so I asked my wife to check it out. I still haven’t figured out all of he different leagues and tournaments in European soccer outside of the big ones, but I want to be a constant learning.

“Uhh, that game was last weekend.”
“That’s impossible, the TV guide says it’s on tonight.”
“I’d put a strong bet on Marseille winning 2-1”

Then it hit us - that little ‘re’ in retransmission that I was quick to ignore. It’s not a live game on tonight, it’s a replay of last week’s game. On primetime, on the main channel. And the local restaurants aren’t only airing it, they are advertising and setting up projectors. Really?

I guess this is the local version of DVR? It’s certainly more social. But I refuse to believe that anyone will watch not knowing the outcome. It’s the biggest team in the biggest sport in the home city.

And so I’m at home now. To be French, and Marseillais, I’m watching the game. It’s 0-0 right now. At least I can watch this one and know it won’t end in a scoreless tie...

As is often the case, my interpretation of the facts in front of me was way off, and I was totally wrong. I realized this when last night's game did not end in a 2-1 victory, but rather a 1-0 victory. Seems it was not a replay on tv, but an actual rematch? And they got a trophy out of it too. So, uh, good job Marseille!

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