Saturday, April 9, 2011

A bump on the chin

A week after the first time out of the apartment on his two-wheel ride, Sawyer today accompanied me on a trip to the store for milk. I walked alongside as he rode up the hill and then down the sidewalk, around the corner and across a few crosswalks. As is his custom, he walked through the small grocery we frequent and helped me pick up our milk and strawberries. He grinned at the girl working the cash register, acted shy till the last moment, then beamed a big smile and a loud "au revoir!" On our way home he pushed a few steps ahead, and picked up some speed on approach to the sidewalk that would lead to our apartment. I cringed as I saw what he didn't: a small curb just large enough to grab the front tire of his bike and stop it cold. Sawyer's momentum continued though as he launched himself over the handlebars. A faceplant on the concrete begat a pretty red spot on his chin (I was actually surprised when he hopped up that his whole face wasn't torn apart).

Mother's intuition proved itself legitimate as less than 2 minutes later my phone rang, JJ on the line, "How are you guys? I'm just worried about you out on the streets. Everything ok?" No idea how she knew, but I told her to go ahead and get out the alcohol wipes and band-aids. It was time for some mommying when we arrived.

In typical boy fashion, Sawyer screamed far more through the cleaning and bandaging of the wound than the actual receiving of it. But by the end of the day I think he was at least a little proud of the scar. I'm quite sure he'll be ready to hop on his bike again tomorrow.

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