Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cakes and Cookies

This post is long overdue. Today's surprise arrival in the mail sparked me to do it. Hooray for Easter packages! Half wonderful goodies: like M&Ms, Reese's Eggs, coloring books, Mint Oreos. Half ridicularity: like singing sheep, bunnies that poop jelly beans, and Marshmallow animals (does anyone eat those things?). But the reminder came in the form of these fantastic home-cooked cookies:
JJ's sisters have a cake-making talent. Once a hobby, word started to leak out with this masterpiece (our wedding cake): Beautiful and incredibly tasty.

This year for mine and Sawyer's birthdays, they decided to bake, package, and mail cakes to France. We were skeptical, but it came out great! With a little assembly required (luckily my wife is generally talented as well, and in the blood line), our cakes made it out of the box, onto the table, and into our tummies. And they were fantastic. Take a gander. Thanks sisters!

Check out their other creations on their facebook page at Sunny's Cheesecake Emporium.


shams ismail said...

Yeah exactly cakes and cookies they are beautiful i really they will have incredibly tasty! I wish you guys wonderful Easter,i wish i could have been there!All the best MUNGU AWABARIK!

Kevin Eby said...

It is much harder to get American pastries in France than French pastries in America.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Yes and no, Kevin. Things like Pecan Pie and American Cheesecakes are tough and only at specialty American restaurants (or our house). Though McDonald's has cheesecakes now, and they're actually pretty good. A lot of bakeries are starting make American cookies and brownies and muffins, though not always very good (I'm told that the manner of baking here and there is totally different).

Now that I've had the real stuff, I'm curious to see what French pastries are in the States. I'll be checking it out next time we're home.

Belva said...

What is the container of pink stuff--for lack of a better word? It reminded me of jello--very pretty.........I may be waaaay off! Your cakes look wonderful!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Belva - the pink stuff is ice cream. They like to put extra globs of goo and stuff in there for some reason. Just like the pastries here: often cream/jelly filled!