Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter. And we wait.

Sunday was Easter. What a day! I've been thinking about how my appreciation for Easter Sunday has grown exponentially since I've begun to really take Good Friday as a serious day of solemnity. It hit me especially hard this past Friday as I read the story of the crucifixion of Christ from my son's Jesus Storybook Bible. Here's a segment:

"Papa?" Jesus cried, frantically searching the sky. "Papa? Where are you? Don't leave me!"
And for the first time - and the last - when he spoke, nothing happened. Just a horrible, endless silence. God didn't answer. He turned away from his Boy.

Reading that, reflecting on the story, and really making Friday a solemn day brings me even greater joy in the celebration of Christ's resurrection three days after his death. And that makes me happy. But on to pictures of other things that make me happy:

Sawyer's first Easter Egg Hunt:

In France, Easter is a holiday celebrated by a massive family lunch. Everyone goes to be with extended family and they share some sort of big, fancy, French meal, probably replete with foods that I would avoid at all costs. Those of us without local family to hang with banded together and met for an international Easter party. We gathered around a table with folks from all over Europe plus a few other Americans. The language dynamic was kind of funny. Since almost all of the adults were expat transplants to southern France, the best common language was English, thus we conversed mostly in English. But the kids - largely in the 2-6 age range - having grown up in France, all talked with one another in French.
Sawyer caught on to the Easter Egg Hunt quickly and had fun walking about the yard saying "egg, egg, egg..." He loved finding the eggs, he didn't so much like crawling through the dirt to pick them up. But he was determined and always found a way to get his egg.
The spoils. Not sure how a car got in there. Too bad he doesn't like chocolate. I guess that's what parents are for.
In other news, we're about to have a baby. We have two more weeks until the due date, but JJ's doctor told her today that he can't believe the baby's still in there, as her body seems to be ready to let her out. So he's betting we don't make the weekend. We think he may be off a bit in that guess, so we're still making dinner plans this week. I can only think of one person (well, 3 in 1) who actually knows. The rest of us will sit tight and wait.

This is a picture I took at a park on Monday. It's quite French. I like it:

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