Saturday, April 27, 2013

CE Euro Vacay - Prague

A couple of weeks before our daughter's second birthday we took off across Central and Eastern Europe for a wild and crazy touristic adventure en famille.  My lovely wife graciously accepted my minimalist packing challenge and we fit all of our essentials for 10 days into 3 small day-packs.  Prague - Vienna - Budapest - Belgrade - Sofia.  5 countries/cities in 10 days.  Planes, trains, automobiles.  Couches, air mattresses, hotels, sleeper trains.

Today I'll share some memories from Prague.

Prague, locally known as Praha, is the capital city of the Czech Republic. People speak Czech and generally keep to themselves.  The city is easy to navigate and is full of beauty.  Probably my favorite city that we visited, it's the kind of place that's worth exploring and keeping your eyes open.  While there, we enjoyed some good sausage, spiral-fired potatoes, goulash soup, and rye bread.  And these great little circular pastries roasted on a big stick and covered in cinnamon and sugar.  Also RC Cola!!

In Prague, we landed at the airport and hit the streets to start exploring.

With old clocks, towers, and statues all over the city, we had plenty to look out for:

Great skylines:

That's a big church building:

A little music on the bridge:

Seeing this window sign, he said, "these three things we cannot do." He then pointed to the dog and said, "this one we have to do."

Want something random and fun to do in Prague?  Bobsledding.

We stayed with some friends in Prague who were at the time 8.5 months pregnant.  They love our story of little E's car birth, so I suggested we race down the bobsled tracks and try to top our story.  Sadly, that didn't happen.  They did, however, have their baby a mere 2 days after we left town.  Congrats Brian and Allie!!

Finally, we bid adieu to Prague and hopped on a bus to Vienna.  Free hot drinks, individual movie screens, and comfy chairs made for a nice 5hr bus ride.  If only the Czech roads weren't so bumpy.

Up next: Vienna, Austria