Monday, April 4, 2011

Dr visit that made me smile

This morning I accompanied my wife to her OBGYN doctor’s appointment. It was a good day, as the 35th week of her pregnancy and a good report marks no more bed rest! But the best moment of the appointment came when the doctor’s cell phone rang. After a brief pocket vibration, the ringtone cut brutally into the silent air with the sweet sound of the BeeGees:

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.

Nice. Real nice. I’m still grinning thinking about it.

Today’s appointment went well. In addition to the no-walking/cooking/working/sitting/thinking-too-hard restriction being lifted, our doctor showed us some abnormal care and interest. To be honest, he’s always seemed a little aloof. And though the French medical system is super-thorough and over-protective to a fault, it can also seem impersonal. Like looking at our file and past prescriptions each week as if he’d never seen us. Or listening to our concerns and preferences and giving 0 response. We know the way things are, and there’s a few things we’d like different. We’re a family that likes a little freedom (can you tell?). So when this week he told us that he’d contacted the hospital and talked to them and they agreed to quite a few of our requests, I was a little shocked, and appreciative. I assumed I’d have to fight our battles in the heat of the moment. Another fun part of the French system is that everything’s separate. Yeah, we have a doctor, but it’s really the hospital, the nurses, and the midwives who do all of the delivery and post-natal care (though he says he’ll come by for the birth, “unless I’m on vacation”). So what we say to our doctor may or may not ever translate to the delivery at the hospital.

Back home now, we have a list of about 50 things the hospital requires us to bring for the delivery. It’s worse than the first day of school. Like our own thermometers, 6 long-sleeve onesies+socks+pajamas+hats+blankets (all for the baby, and we’re told one of each to be worn at the same time), towels, and adult cotton mesh underwear (we have no idea why).
Experience tells us we’d better bring pillows and any snacks we want that’s not cheese and coffee.

First thing to do off bed rest: shopping. 2nd thing: clearing trunk space for the luggage.

And there’s a baby room to put together.

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Paul and Tracy said...

I'll send you some mesh panties! TB