Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Father's Joy

I absolutely love the family unit. One of the biggest reasons is that it’s a model God created for a definite reason. He shows himself to us in family, he created us to be in family. The greatest thing about being a parent is that I learn through it the heart of God. He describes himself as our heavenly Father, and we as (his) children. Thus, I believe that in watching my own children, I will learn the heart of the Father. What warms my heart as a father can’t be far off from what warms His heart. We’re created in his image, right?

One of the things that makes my wife the happiest is seeing our son be creative. Whether it’s wearing a bucket on his head like a hat, stacking boxes to create a BMX obstacle course, or using something in an
unconventional way with an end-goal in mind, she absolutely loves to see his creative mind at work. Today he pulled out his mega-blocks, and instead of building the usual tower, he placed them on their sides, connected in a line, and then slid another piece over it, thus creating a train on its tracks. It was beautiful, both of us beamed from above.

For me, I relish in his joy. When my son is giggling, laughing, and skipping around the room saying “happy, happy, happy,” I am at my most content. I love to see him enjoy his life. I love to see him take what’s in front of him, the many good gifts of a secure household, loving family, and tools for growth, and simply love it. His joy shoots mine through the roof.

And then both of us can say without a doubt we loooove when he wants to spend time with us. Not so much when he wants to take over our time (like sit on the computer when we’re working on financials), but when he simply wants to be with us. Playing quietly by mama’s side on the bed, or reading in daddy’s lap, or waling down the street, laughing at all of the beautiful sights and sounds in the world.

I believe that God is no different from us in these ways. He loves to see our creativity. He relishes in our joy. He covets our time together.

How have you made God smile today? Is creative expression, abundant joy, and simple abiding time a part of your life, your daily routine?

How do your kids (or friends, nieces/nephews, grandkids, pets?) most warm your heart?


Lisa Brady said...

I know what you mean. That's a really good word about how God sees us in that way. I had Miriam and Faith last night, and I had gotten them a bead set, and it was amazing to watch them be creative, laugh, and enjoy the making their jewelry. I so enjoyed watching them have fun. And your son is so creative, and always has been since he started crawling!! What a cutie and such a blessing. Enjoy your day!

Kevin Eby said...

In order to appreciate maturity you have to experience immaturity. In order to see progress, you have to remember a starting point and dream of a direction. Families provide this context everyday in a new way.... especially at the introduction of new life at birth or rebirth. Even so, human fathers only understand a sliver of the picture our Father painted for His Son and His family.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks Lisa, I only lament that for the majority of my life I didn't have this chance. But I guess that in those years I was learning to relate to a father. He does say to come as children, no?

I'm glad you agree with my assessment of the beauty of the family unit, Kevin! Yes, only a sliver, but that's like pointing out that we only use 10% of our brains. The portion that's there, is still pretty incredible.

Anonymous said...

Mike asked us last week to write our epitaph. This is mine:

Because He lives in me,
I loved.
Because He loved me,
I live.

You guys are like children to us. You bring joy. Thanks!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks Anon. That's beautiful and a blessing to us to be considered as children to others.