Thursday, February 24, 2011

No So Progressive

My wife used to be known as the "queen hippie" within a circle of our friends. A stretch and a joke, it started with her conservatism of all resources: "turn off the water! unplug that when you're not using it! don't throw away those carrot peals/chicken bones/pepper cores/etc". Then add to that buying mostly all-natural stuff, reusable everything, her old thick-rimmed glasses, and the fact that every time we went camping she made and brought along fire starters of old toilet paper rolls. dryer lint and candle wax (and is a much better fire builder than myself), and she made a name for herself. Last night she exclaimed out of nowhere, "See, that's proof I'm no queen hippie!" What was she talking about? This list from Rachel Held Evans of 13 Things That Make Me a Lousy Progressive. She agrees with almost every one of them. A good and funny read.

Back-linking, we also read her 13 Things That Make Me a Lousy Evangelical, and laughed while realizing that we line up with about 9 of the 13 [won't say which :)].

So I guess we'll continue our Christian life in limbo, following this crazy guy named Jesus wherever he takes us!

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