Saturday, February 12, 2011

A browse through this week's...

...French supermarket advert.

What does this look like? Yeah, I thought so too. No I don't want any.

A box of M&M's, on sale for a mere $15.18 (as of Saturday's exchange rate). What a steal! That's 25% off regular price. Ugh.

Grocery list:
Milk - check!
Bananas - check!
Chicken - check!
Zucchini - check!
9 day/7 night trip to Cuba - check!

This valentine's day, why not pick up this beautiful "Love Bites" (amour à croquer) pendant? Hey, it's in French, so it's romantic.

And finally, the obligatory Foie Gras page. Only in France is foie gras cheaper than M&Ms.

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