Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Les Muffins Américaine

From time to time we find American food items in some of our local supermarkets. Usually not legitimate American brands, but some sort of international "American" brand complete with stars, stripes, and a statue of liberty. You pick it up, think "this looks pretty good, and normal, I'll take some home" (I usually buy one, and if it's good return the next day to buy out the store). Take these muffins for instance:

American muffin mix, mmmm. If you know me, you know I love muffins. In college they used to be my daily midnight snack (the "just add milk/water" version). Sadly, those mixes don't usually exist outside the US. My wife is a wonderful cook who can do anything from scratch, but she's on forced medical bed-rest right now. So I'm on my own. These puppies are a nice treat. Notice all the English on the front of the box? Mix for 12 Muffins, Chocolate with icing, cake cases included. Sweet!

Open it up and we have our baking mixture:

Now for the directions. Turn to the back:

Wait a second... where's the directions in English? I see French, German, Italian, Dutch, and there's Spanish and Portuguese on the side. But no English?! Seriously?! What, if an American picks up this American product are we supposed to innately know how to prepare it (metric conversions included)? Why is the cover in English but the directions in everything but? Oddly enough, this seems to be a pretty common occurrence.

Thankfully, the muffins still came out well and tasted great!

They're gone from the stores now though. Maybe again next fall!


Ashlee said...

I think those look more like cupcakes than muffins but glad you found yourself a treat.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

It's true Ashlee. But the blueberry ones were perhaps even better, and you can't call that a cupcake! Too bad they've now all been eaten...

Ashlee said...

I often wonder how cupcake & muffin are defined. Maybe I'll look into it. B/c I've never heard if a blueberry cupcake but chocolate, strawberry, banana... Can go either way. Who decides this?