Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hooray (our) Stuff!

This post may appear anti-me. I'm normally against most all stuff. Can't stand stuff. My friend Kevin once eloquently pointed out the problem with typical American Dream finances. We save up enough money to buy a nice house in which to put all our stuff. Then we keep saving to get a bigger house. More space means we can get more stuff. But soon we have to get a bigger place for all our new stuff. Then comes the need for more stuff to really fill out our house. And thus the spiral continues. Not a good one if you ask me.

But, this stuff is that which will make our lives easier, a bit better - we hope. There's probably more than we need, and we already have a few boxes ready to cart off, but what remains is special to us, at least for now. We've had this box of stuff that's ours but out of reach. Like money in a CD or savings bond that you simply can't get to, our things have sat in a wooden box in Houston for over a year. Then two months at sea. Then delivered to our door. After 16 months, a couple of fellas with crow bars cracked that baby open.
And voilĂ ! It's our stuff!

Most important to us (and my wife who's been on bedrest for a month in an old futon, no end in sight), our bed! It's our bed! And it barely fits in our room. A California King you ask? Nope, just a Full. Welcome to urban Europe.

A kitchen with our cookware! How exciting. Our 2 plastic light my fire sporks served us well for a long time, but it's awfully nice to have real utensils again. And we learned a bunch of things that we could cook on our European Green Pan, but pots and lids and pans and knives sure do open up a world of possibilities!

Gold Star Chili Bengals glasses, now we're ready for football season! If we have a quarterback that is. And receivers. And a coach. And an NFL. Also pictured are a brand new set of knives, purchased thanks to a Day-after-Thanksgiving sale in 2009.

Ah, our living room. The place where we will live (inside). Pictured is some new furniture. The first new furniture we'd ever bought. Brand-new yet unopened for a year and a half. Let me just tell you, after a couple months of sitting on a plastic trunk, it's super-comfy!.

Thanks to our friend Linda, who's here now unpacking and organizing with - for - us. This could not have possibly come together so quickly without her! (And our other friends in-country who were here on unpacking day 1 to help, thanks guys!)


Kevin Eby said...

Nice stuff shelf you have. Now you're going to have to make more stuff to sell stuff so you buy stuff insurance in case some stuff takers get your stuff. Is it really (your) stuff?

Anonymous said...

God is glad to provide for your needs, you know. He knows you, and knows what you need. Like Joshua, be strong and courageous. Very strong and very courageous. The people of France need you. Thanks for being obedient. Love, Tim

Michael & Joe Joe said...

How much stuff could a stuff maker make if a stuff taker didn't take stuff? That's the real question, Kevin.

Thanks Tim. We believe that too. And even if the comfort and homeliness that we enjoy today doesn't last, we will be glad for the time we did have it.

Dan and Pam Johnson said...

Never let anyone tell you your "stuff" isn't important. Take it from this woman who has been out here for 15 years, some days you just "need" your stuff to help you over a hump. Love you guys and so glad you can now truly settle in and begin your ministry there. And, JoeJoe whoohoo on being able to be in your "own" bed for that bed rest.