Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pre-Baby Name

JJ just asked Sawyer what we should call the baby. Constantly referring to him/her as baby brother baby sister is getting old. And we're certainly nowhere close to an actual name. So we need something for the interim. She told him that before he came into the world we called him Jack-Jack (much to her chagrin). She then said, "Sawyer, what should we call the baby?" He stood up from his seated position and announced with perfect timing, "Poopie."

I'll write about jealousy another time.

He then proceeded to squat and grunt. He took care of business toute de suite. Then he backed up to us and stuck his rear out so that we could check and see what he'd done.

Assuming we don't call the unborn baby "Poopie," any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

No suggestions. Your son is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Sawyer shows a scintillating sense of humor at at early age:) NV

Anonymous said...

How about #2? As in baby #2...and for Sawyer... a different connotation ;p


Hey just trying to please all parties involved