Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kicking It

I just returned from the park with Sawyer, and I had one of those proud Daddy moments. I try not to be a super competitive dad that wants my kid to show up the others, but this little thing made me smile. I wrote sometime back about the innate Americanness of my child (who's barely even been to America), who would always pick up and throw any ball he encountered. Most kids in both Africa and Europe that we've met seem born with the ability and desire to kick anything that's close to round. Well today the tables turned.

Sawyer was running around the park having a ball when a little boy came up and picked up his ball. Sawyer (thankfully) was nice about it and just laughed as the boy ran back and forth holding the ball. Eventually the ball was handed to my son, who promptly dropped it to the ground and kicked it. The other boy picked it up again. Then recycle. Ball gets into S's hands, he drops it, kicks it, other kid picks it up. That's right, today my American son was the legitimate soccer star on the playground!

Of course then we returned home and he stuck his finger straight into a candle flame to touch the lit wick. Can't win 'em all!


Mom Sizemore said...

I don't know for sure, but my Mom who was the best Biscuit maker in the whole wide world, said she learned it from her GreatGrandmother (who spoke very little English,) who was from Germany. So I don't know if her GreatGrandmother learned how to make them over here in the US, or in the old country.But I'm guessing in the old country.

Mom Sizemore said...

OK The former comment was for the bisciut item, sorry.... Mommy