Thursday, October 7, 2010

Me Voici

I’ve befriended a pastor of a church that meets a town away from our current home. About once a week I take the train up to his church building where I talk with him for French practice and to learn about the people of the country in which I live. Sometimes I take my guitar along and sit in play in the church. A week ago I met a man who came into the church and introduced himself to me. I was later told that he’s been dropping in from time to time for awhile. My first thought was that he might be homeless, but I’m not sure (I feel awful saying that, if someone’s not homeless is it wrong/insulting to suggest they might be?). He sat quietly and listened to a few songs that I played and sang but seemed disinterested. Then I played the song “Majesty (Here I Am),” I believe written by Delirious?. I sang it in French, and I could tell he was paying attention. When I finished that song, some other people nearby were chatting and he suddenly cleared his throat and quieted the room to announce that he was touched. He described my song as “très sympa,” which is a good thing, and he said that the song was powerful. I was floored. I don’t get complimented on my guitar playing and singing abilities too often, for good reason (I’m not asking for compliments, I’m just stating there’s not much to compliment... I’m moderately good at drums, guitar’s a hobby, and singing is a necessary evil at times in my case), so when he said that I felt extreme gratitude for having just played what I did. Today I went back and saw my pastor friend again. He told me that this same man had come back to see him again this week and told him that song had affected him. He said they talked about it quite a bit.

Huh, who knew a song I sang in French, probably off-key and with poor pronunciation, could ‘affect’ someone? It’s been a good day.


brady said...

Man, that is so great to hear. God is definitely using you in exciting ways.

Love ya!

M.S. said...

What!!??? That's crazy!!! Wow!

Mom Sizemore said...

I am always amazed at the different ways God uses us to reach others. We cannot even imagine how he will do it until it happens. Praise God for His Wonderful and awesome ways!!! And those who obey HIm, so it can happen!!!Love You, Mom Sizemore