Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Charging Bull

I was finishing up some laundry and holding a red t-shirt. Talking to my lovely wife and our dear friend Ashlyn, I noticed something in my peripheral vision. My son was running head-down at me in a bull charge!

For the next 20 minutes he proceeded to rush over and over again, head leading the way, at the red t-shirt I was holding. We live in France, not Spain! Where did this idea come from? To my knowledge he's never seen a bull fight; in person, on tv, nor in cartoon form. Is there something primitive, animal, and natural about the color red that makes a little boy want to charge and head-butt/spear? Who knows, made for some good video though:



well certainly, Every time I see a "RED" shirt I want to CHARGE!!!!
OH, You didn't mean thaaaaat kind of charge?????

Anonymous said...

what is that ON the t-shirt, Michael. Is says Espana, doesn't it? does it have a picture of a bull?


Michael & Joe Joe said...

Ha, Espana yes, bull no. It's a World Cup champions t-shirt from this summer when Spain won the World Cup.