Thursday, August 30, 2007

Korean Worship Epilogue

Something I did not mention in my previous post about our Korean worship service on Sunday night deserves mention. That night, near the end of our time together, our Korean friends shared with heavy hearts the story of a group of 23 students that had travelled to Afghanastan for relief and medical aid this summer. All 23 were abducted by the Taliban on July 19th, and two later killed, 3 released early on. The remaining 19 were captives held by the Taliban. On Sunday night, we saw the last picture of this group from before they had left South Korea and together we joined the nation of South Korea and prayed for their safety and their release.

So guess what? (Big smile) Wednesday we received word that 12 had been released. As of today, all of them are free and en route to South Korea.

Why? CNN says negotiations finally got through, MSN claims the Taliban had a rush of "humanitarian feelings".

There may be a 3rd option intermingled, you can judge for yourself.

Check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in Jesus' day. (See John 12:28-29). God is at work! Tim