Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Joe Joe!!

Today has been a day of celebration!

Swahili word for the day is Sherekea, which means celebrate.

Sherekea Joe Joe!!


Paul said...

Hope you had tripin' birthday! The best thing to receive on your birthday is always cookies. Anyone who does that must think you're super.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, To show I much I love you, I watched Jenni bake your cookies and I didn't steal any.
Ok, maybe 1, well it might have been 2, Ok, I ate all of them and she had to bake another batch. Then, I had to test the second batch to make sure they were up to your standarts. I think the cookies she sent you were from the 5th batch.
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Make sure you share your birthday cookies with everybody! Hope you like them and I hope Michael is enjoying your birthday muffins! I made them especially for I! I thought of you often on your special day.
Love you lots, Jenni

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thank you to each of you (Jenni and Tracy), the cookies and brownies were lovely, I loved them all. (Joe Joe liked 'em too...)


Matthew J. Hind said...

hey joe joe,
here is are some belated birthday wishes from the hinds. we miss you guys terribly and hope you are having a wonderful time. we love you.

Anonymous said...

You are looking wiser and more mature since you left Kentucky. You also look like you know Swahili. Who are you becoming, JoeJoe? All of us at the River will be celebrating your birthday all month long. Tim

Anonymous said...

Uhhh your birthday card is on my coffe table, Why don't I just hold onto it, the next 2 birthday's, go ahead and throw Christmas and Michael' B-day in there and give them all to you when you get back from Africa. Wait a minute, Isn't today an important day also for some reason. I'm sure someone will remind me soon.
Love you guys.