Friday, August 10, 2007

Up in a Tree

A note from Michael:

So I spent some time sitting up in a tree today...
I watched ants busy at work, saw a bird hunting for worms, a spider building its web, ducks swimming in the lake, a bee searching for pollen, a butterfly fluttering (it seemed to be doing laps around the tree, must have been working out), and plants, well, growing... I guess. A tick came hunting for blood, but poor guy had to go hungry today. I heard a goose honking near the lake and bugs all around, a gun shot rang out in the distance. God reminded me that I'm a part of something much bigger than myself. I have this selfish pride I like to hang onto that sometimes makes me headstrong, and I almost think I'm the only thing out here, but there's so much more!!
It's been hot all week, but last night a storm rolled through and cooled the place off, today's been overcast all morning. While sitting in the tree, I turned on some music and sat back to think. I realized that not only am I a tiny part of something that goes way beyond me, but God is SO MUCH BIGGER and more powerful than all of us. Think through history: Nations and kingdoms have risen to power and fallen from power relatively faster than a trump card gets played in a game of euchre. Nations rise and fall, but God presses on. He works through all of those to press on His message and love. It's never been about any nation, any person, and it never will be.
So I was thinking through all of this in the tree when a new song came on my mp3 player: Sting's “After the Rain has Fallen.” The chorus said “After the rain has fallen... there will still be love in the world.” True dat. As if I needed anymore confirmation, right as the song winded down on this overcast day (that rained through the night), the sun came out, shone directly on my face, and it was really stinkin' hot.

No matter what, there will still be love in the world.

Swahili for love is -penda.


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael & Joe Joe. Sorry for the sweltering heat in VA. It has been pretty hot & very humid here also. You both stay in my thoughts & prayers. Think cool thoughts....the TREE experience sounded absolutely wonderful!! Joyce W.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael, He is big. And yet small enough to live inside each of us, and to be intimately acquainted with all of our ways. Linda and I pray for you. Sounds like He is taking good care of you. I did look up Swahili for "Is it usually as warm as this?" It is "Kuna joto hivi kwa kawaida?" Love, Tim

Kevin Eby said...

As I read this account, I can't help but think that the same big God that created David Crowder also created my friend, Michael Harrington.

May you find many trees in life.

Anonymous said...

Linda and I were in Louisville yesterday, and learned that George Rogers Clark - at the age of 25 - led a small band of men across the wilderness in Indiana, and subsequently defeated the British at Vincennes. This led to the acqusition of Indiana, Illinois and Michigan by the United States. Who knows what God may do with you?

Michael & Joe Joe said...

I just hope we can defeat Louisville this year.

Thanks Tim!!