Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Stephen Hawking is Irrelevant

If you're like me and browse the leading world news online every couple of days (I like CNN and BBC), you may have noticed a couple stories that jumped to the top of the list. Out of frustration, I'll pass over the moron in Florida who wants to hold a public burning of Islam's holy book and instead settle on this gem:

God didn't create universe, Stephen Hawking argues

I read it. Found it to be a rather lacking and attention-seeking story. And then I stumbled on this editorial from Jon Acuff. Some great insight from a totally non-scientific mind on the world's leading (or at least most famous) physicist. He does a great job of basically showing why said physicist and his opinions don't much matter.
[Hint: turns out super science guy likes money too]

Getting all riled up about Stephen Hawking

As you read it, do so with a smile. And remember, the world's leading scientists once thought the world was flat. Oh, and the world's religious leaders once insisted the earth did not revolve around the sun (based on Psalm 93:1).

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