Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Few Days in Corsica

After our time at camp this summer, we escaped to Corsica for a few days of fun while staying with a new French friend. Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean that is a part of France (formerly Italy). The island is entirely mountains, with plenty of coastline, which made it my perfect idea of a vacation. The photo above is of the "Lion de Rocapina," which is a natural rock formation on top of a mountain that looks like a large lion wearing a crown and looking out to sea.

We loved Corsica!

From the mountains... the beaches!
We loved the beaches of Corsica. Warm water. Not a lot of development around the beaches. Crystal clear water. Some beaches were fine sand, some small pebbles. The best one we found had perfect sand and water that was about 2 feet deep for almost 100 yards out. Beautiful. Fun. A great way to spend a day. An interesting note on the natural beauty and non-over-development of the island: There's a well known separatist group on Corsica that would like to see independence from France and a renewal of the Corsican language and culture. In addition to that, they are a borderline terrorist group (we were told by our French friend who lives there) that opposes development of the coastline and forests. We're told that when projects begin to build mega beach resorts, deforestation, etc, this group will sabotage/bomb/attack said developments, and it's common knowledge around the island. I have to say that I don't agree with the methods, but as a vacationer the results were awfully nice to enjoy. An island with rugged natural beauty and an old-time feel.

Driving around the island, we passed through many beautiful and old villages that sat perched precariously on mountain sides. Beautiful views abounded. You'd be hard-pressed to find a place to live on Corsica without something amazing outside your window (albeit likely a very small window).

I loved driving on this island, windy mountain roads! Though I must admit to being envious of every Porsche and Lotus to pass us. Not that I wanted to own one, just drive one around Corsica! JJ however, kept complaining of something called "motion sickness" (I laugh because I had never in my life experienced this motion sickness phenomenon, until the ferry ride back home... I was given my due).

Dancing under the city lights with Mama in Corté.

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