Monday, September 13, 2010

Disney Paris

These photos are old... from way back in July. But they are too great not to put up. And we're in language school again. There's not much pretty stuff to photograph when studying French.

I was doing ok, then my dad lost it.
Now, I'm admittedly a little nervous.

Phew, phew! Take that alien scum.

Easily the highlight of the day was the mini-train rollercoaster. Sawyer absolutely loved it.

So I have a couple of tickets to this awesome Disney parade.
Wanna go with me?
We could get our parents to, you know, push our strollers to get there.
If you want to.

Hey Sawyer, recognize anyone? Old friends, neighbors?

Au revoir Disney!
We'll see you again this fall (thanks to the Paris resident '2nd visit free' ticket special)!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Disney!!!! I wanna go, too! When I visit...WE ARE GOING!

Aunt Jenni