Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rainy Day in Paris

Last week we went to Paris for a day to join some new classmates on a short riverboat ride, and then we took advantage of the day to hang in the city with some friends. Only problem was cold, ugly, rain. No matter, we still had fun! (Although as I type this, we're all three suffering from head colds. Hmm...)

My favorite part of the day came as we were walking down the street with a couple friends to go get some crêpes. A tour bus drove by and was stopped at a stoplight. I noticed a guy in the front of the bus quite emphatically taking pictures of the three of us walking down the sidewalk. "Look guys, I got a picture of some real Parisians on the streets of Paris!"

In other news, our college savings plan kicked into high gear yesterday when Sawyer started learning soccer from his Brazilian buddy Pedro. Euro training + Brazilian influence = scholarships!

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