Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Camp

Do you remember Summer Camp?

Unless you’re a youth pastor or oft-chosen chaperone, you probably have to think back to your teenage years. Well in France, camp is for everyone. Not just youth groups and kids with behavior problems or health issues. Everyone. Adults, families, singles, kids. They all go to camp! Since the month of August is basically a forced vacation to all working French people, many of them go to camp.

We are going to go volunteer at a camp. Why? To practice French mostly. But also to have opportunities to talk to all sorts of French folk. And to get away from the city. And to pray together, worship together, and grow. Our work will likely be simple and behind-the-scenes, like dishwashing, maintenance, yardwork (actually, we have no idea what we’ll be doing). Our language will be all French all the time. Our living situation: well, we don’t know. But we do know that from late July to the end of August we will be living and working at a large secluded camp somewhere in the south central western part of France!

Before camp, we have some travel for meetings and such the next couple weeks. We’ll be in Spain, then back to pack and make a month-long move. We don’t know our internet capabilities going forward, but will continue to stay in touch through the summer when we can!

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Anonymous said...

summer camp for adults!?! that's fantastic!! I love camp!! Other than the silly manpris trend, maybe these French people are pretty cool after all!