Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let’s Go (to) Spain!

Will you be watching? The game that the world is watching? An epic match between two teams who have never before won the World Cup? One will become a first-time champion tonight!

We will be watching, and feeling it. If you have the game on your TV and you see Spain score a goal, you will likely hear the announcer scream something to the effect of GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! At that very same moment, we will be experiencing an earth-jarring quake. You see, we’re going to be in Spain... in Madrid... in a hotel... right next to the Real Madrid stadium... watching the game with 80,000 of our closest Spanish friends on hand.

We should have lots of fun Sunday! It will certainly be an experience. One that will likely last all night.

Then we have a few days of meetings, then we’ll be back. See ya next weekend!


Ashlee said...

I know you weren't in Africa during a World Cup. But there's nothing like crowding around a 19" tv w/ 20+ Africans watching a game. However, I think what you will experience today may come very close. ;) I bet if you knew some Spaniards it would.

I wish I was still in touch w/ some of our exchange students from when I was in Spain. I'd tell you to look them up. My host family owned a yummy bakery.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks for the thought Ashlee, it would have been fun to know some people. We didn't, but all were very welcoming. A great time to be in Spain!