Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spa Mont Saint Michel

Not too long ago, we made a second trip to the alluring Mont Saint Michel. Since we’d already done the historical tour, this time I decided to take my wife out for the exotic spa treatment.

Our day at the ancient monastery’s spa began with a simple foot rinse.
Then we had a gentle 4-hour foot massage (at least that's how our guide described the 7km hike across the hard-packed lumpy sand/mud at low tide).

During the foot massage time, we also stopped for some deep exfoliating mud bath treatment on our legs. This was easily attained by dropping to knee depth in quicksand.

In time, we reached an exotic island.

But not before first enjoying some fabulous wildlife viewing.

The backdrop for this ancient monkish spa was pretty too.

I highly recommend it. In addition to the skin and muscle treatment, the spa provided excellent mental stimulation as all of the instructions given (like how to escape from the man-eating quicksand) were done in French. This was purely for a more wholesome experience.

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