Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Wednesday Thoughts/Observations

-It’s summer and our French friends are wearing tank tops, shorts/capris, and scarves. Naturally.

-I have decided that the P90X guy is to workout videos what Michael Scott is to paper sales.

-My son eats his peas whole. How do I know? Because he poops his peas whole.

-Why is it that every time France makes international headlines it’s at least borderline comical?

-I think it’s great when our local grocery store carries “American Products” like a muffin mix that I recently bought. The front of the box advertises the ‘Blueberry Muffins’ you will enjoy, with little ‘paper cups included’, all in English. But when you turn the box around, the directions are written in French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Italian. Not English.

-Ikea’s great for organization in small spaces. Not so great for longevity or comfort.

-We’re packing today for our month+ jaunt to camp. Sawyer decided to do his part and grabbed a basket which he’s circled the house and filled. His travel items? A toy workbench and hammer, a bottle of bubble solution, an empty ice cream container, a pillow, soccer and basketball, and a stick of mommy’s deodorant.

-I love avocados. Mostly I love guacamole. But it’s all about the avocado.

-I also love nectarines. I think they are the perfect fruit for monkeys. Pure sweet tasty goodness.

-Is there something innate born into Americans that makes our sports interests different? I’ve been told that in most of the world, kids start out kicking balls. Sawyer picks up every ball he sees and throws it... but we don’t know where he’s learned it. He’s never really seen baseball, american football, or other throwing sports, just a bunch of kids kicking soccer balls around.

-Along those lines... the other day I was in the park and saw these two big, muscular, shirtless French guys tossing an American football back and forth. It was hilarious. They looked like 11-yr old girls when they threw. Their throwing motion was more like a shot-putter than a quarterback.

-I just heard that there’s this new restaurant in London called ‘Chipotle’.
Must. Get. To. London. Now.

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M.S. said...

Y'all funny. Made my Dimanche. :) Miss you! -Megan Schell