Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vacances Part 1: Circus

2 weeks ago we took some final exams and such for the semester of language school and then were set free for 2 weeks of fun! We decided that this time would be best spent getting outside of the 12 million people urban center that we call home, and so we planned a few short getaways. Some were related to our work and language learning, some purely for our own sense of adventure. But the first weekend found us at home still, and what better way to kick off a vacation than a trip to our (almost literal) backyard and the circus!
The circus seems to come to our town quite often. I'm not sure whether it's the same one over and over, or a bunch of different ones. We feel like since we've been here in January, the circus has already come through about 3 times and one could only expect summer to pack in more circus fun. This particular circus was put on by an Italian company, and their sign boasted our old neighbors (African safari animals), cousins (camels), our hometown KY memories (horses), and some new interests (tigers). Let's check it out!

Mama and Sawyer, prepped and ready for the big show.

Ooh! It's a tiger jumping through fire!
And it totally looks like a Bengals mascot print I've seen.
Worth the price of admission right there.

We'd heard back in Africa that tigers were being introduced to the wild in South Africa.
Something about too many people in India and no place for the tiger to make his bed.
Now we have conclusive proof that lions and tigers will get along just fine and be friends.

The high-flying acrobat types.
Dude only did 2 things that really made me think he was totally nuts.
1 was acrobatic and blindfolded,
the other was walking out in a mesh shirt with a rocking 4lb mullet.

"Daddy, these people are weird, all flying in the air. I think I'm gonna scan the crowd for some ladies. Could you please let go of my hands so I don't look like a baby?!"

I've heard of spitting camels.
But do all camels foam at the mouth all the time?
Or did ours have rabies?

And nothing really to do with the circus, but this is cute: