Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vacances Part 2: Giverny

Giverny is a town about an hour outside of Paris by car to the northeast. It's where Claude Monet lived. Mr Monet apparently was a pretty wealthy dude, and his family had a strange fascination with Japanese culture. Behind their big country house was a big garden packed with flowers. Behind the big garden packed with flowers was a big garden with a pond and bridges and water lilies and bamboo (very Japanese-inspired). If you look up Monet's paintings, you'll see a lot of paintified versions of what we saw in real life. In his versions he must have edited out all of the tourists with cameras though.

Welcome to Giverny. If this is your cup of tea, than Giverny is your cup of tea.
On the topic of tea, do they sell "Lipton Gold Tea" in the States?
In the little pyramidal tea bags? That stuff is good.
We had two full days of meetings that just ended, and I have a sore throat.
I drank it literally all day yesterday and today. Mmmmm.

Heeeeeey Sawyer! Camera's this way. Yeah, you could throw up an Uncle Ryan grimace while watching the bumblebee in the flowers, but that just wouldn't make you a team player now would it? You do want to be a team player don't you?

Spring. Over at Claude's house. In a nutshell.

"Say cheese? Well which one? There's Bleu, Emmental, Leerdamer, Mimolette, Conté, Gouda, Rapé, Camembert, Brie..."

You know how Gushers are a fruity explosion of flavor in your mouth?
Well these flowers are a springy explosion of colors in your eyes. Now. Yeah.

Aww. It's Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear. So cute. All squinting in unison. Just right.

This incredibly large ancient sand sculpture inspired all of Monet's Last Supper paintings.
Of course I'm kidding.
Monet didn't paint the famous Last Supper painting, Da Vinci did.
You probably also knew Da Vinci was an inventor.
You may not have known that Da Vinci invented a time machine in an old Italian Delorean, traveled to 2010 and saw this sand sculpture, and then was inspired to paint the Last Supper.

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