Monday, April 5, 2010

Our little techno-baby

It seems that every generation is more technologically adept than the one before it, right? Well our fear that our little one is already beginning his advancement in all things electronic beyond his parents.
Like any child, Sawyer loves little devices with buttons and lights. Remotes, wireless mice, game controllers, handheld monitors, and mp3 players are far better toys than blocks and balls. Many things we've diligently taught him to stay away from, but some we've been less strict with. One example is our phones. Even though he has had a part in destroying one cell phone (my mom's, but that was mostly do to his baby slobber which is around no more), we've felt that there's not too much damage he can do with ours. Mine's a cheapo little prepay flip phone that has some buttons but not much that could be messed up. JJ has an iphone which is locked, and while he loves to press the button on it, he's not figured out the finger slide to unlock it.

Today, Sawyer proved that he is more adept than we'd previously thought. After the third time I pried my phone from his fingers and turned off the web-browser that had opened, I received a message from my provider telling me that I am now out of credit and must recharge. I loaded €10 ($14) on it this weekend! And I've yet to make a call! Then moments later, sitting in my lap where I could see everything he did, he took mama's iphone and pressed the wake button. He did NOT slide his finger across the screen to unlock it, but suddenly a message came on the screen that read "Voice Control," he said something in babyese, and Colbie Callait's melodic voice began broadcasting over the phone's loudspeaker. I have no idea how he did that one.

As I've been typing this, he's meticulously brought me (one at a time) every single jar of baby food from our pantry. I'm staring at a dining room table covered in jars of baby food, and he's walking toward me now with a tub of oatmeal. I guess even techno-babies gotta eat.


brady said...

mischievous little stinker..

Kara Joy said...

He gets it honest