Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who needs a nap?

One of the things I love most about parenting is that it's so fluid. You learn as you go. Kids don't pop out with a manual (written or pdf!). Although plenty of books on shelves in stores purport to be manuals for your children, I say they're all hogwash. Most of them just spend 75% of their pages telling you why every other book is wrong, and then give questionable advice in the other pages. Some are ok I guess. But I personally... am way off point. So raising kids is fun, because there's rarely a clear-cut way to do much of what we do as parents. We make decisions based on prayer and what seems right, sort of like the leaders of the first church did (see acts 15:28). One decision we've been wrestling with is if it's time to drop Sawyer to one nap a day. He never seems to like the idea of his morning nap and sleeps for shorter amounts of time each week. Yesterday he showed us that the morning nap is still a necessity. Here we are in the Jewish section of town (reminded me a lot of Little Italy in NYC, guys outside the restaurants telling you their's is the best and you must come in, the best table is for you!) about to get lunch. We went in and I took off the backpack and sat it down, he just stayed in it like that asleep for about 30 more minutes while we ate. And who knew the Jews made such good food?! Falafels, I am a fan!

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