Saturday, February 27, 2010


JJ says this may be the only proof she gets of me studying. I think she'll get some more chances. I'm going to have to learn how to do it if I want to get anywhere with this language.
Today I was in the elevator with another tenant of our apartment. I asked him how he was doing today... he responded with a 'what/how'... I repeated... he asked 'are you American'? Guess I'd better get back to practicing. Last month I was asked if I'm German. I took that as a half-step up. If so, I'm going backwards.


Nick said...

I tried out Anki and it's pretty nice - let's you make flash cards -with text , audio, and i think images. You might already have a similar system.

I think the audio is a big plus - you can record yourself (or a native speaker) and use it as one "side" of a flash card.

Ha - my captcha image for this comment is "dialgn" that's the goa of language learningl, right? :-)

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks Nick, I'm going to check that one out. I have ProVoc and used it for Swahili, similar program with perhaps a little more but in simpler format. I loved it for Swahili, but just haven't felt it yet in French. Maybe Anki will be the visual and audio memory stimulus I need to learn this language!