Thursday, February 18, 2010

Les Baguettes

French bread, ah! How I love the baguette. It’s one of the things I was most excited about in coming to France, and it’s not disappointed.

Before coming here, we’d heard that the French were so obsessed with their bread that they bought a new loaf everyday. Seemed absurd to us. In college we’d often go to Jimmy John’s and buy a loaf of the day-old bread, still soft and incredibly tasty! But I said it seemed absurd. We totally get it now. We bought a couple loaves and enjoyed the tasty goodness for both lunch and dinner. Then the next day we broke out the remainder for an addition to our meal, but quickly realized that it would be good for little more than breaking teeth. The thing was as hard as a rock. It really is only good for one day! Maybe less preservatives? Not sure...

It’s pretty funny to see people everywhere at all hours of the day walking down the streets with long baguettes in hand.


brady said...

ah man, I'm jealous! I love bread! It's so delicious. Also, it's what people called me in Africa. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Love you guys!! It's great to read updates from you!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Haha. Bread. What's up Bread?

Bread's good... but you know what we had today? Israeli food! Jewish food. Falafels (sp?). Basically pitas filled with cabbage, chicken, turkey, lamb, eggplant, etc. They were wonderful!