Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trip through Greece

In typical French fashion we've had a summer full of travel, visitors, and sunshiny stores-closed take-it-easy fun.  I'll start with Greece, a beautiful place with great people (who's accent while speaking English may be my favorite).

Much (nay, most) of our time in Greece was spent as this couple, relaxing on beaches or poolside, watching waves lap in or tracing boats in the distance.  Never in a hurry to get anywhere.

Many of our non-American neighbors spend their lives convinced that air-conditioning will make one sick while we laugh at their sweaty neanderthal ways.  But as it turns out... we had air conditioning at every hotel in Greece (not all of equal effectiveness) and every one of us four got sick.  Maybe there's something to it!

This little girl took quickly to the warm pools of Greece.

So this is vacation, huh?

Winding streets, white walls, little shops.

I really wanted to buy a house on a Greek island and paint it something other than white with blue trim. Would probably start a riot.

Stairs and passageways. Stairs and passageways.

Ancient town. Rocks. Not white walls.

To Athens we go:

Our last night we spent out an outdoor café next to a church around which kids played. Sawyer even ordered his dinner all by himself: chicken on a stick with fries, bread, and a water. A perfect ending to a great trip.


Constance Todd said...

Oh Greece, the home of great philosophers! You surely had fun in your trip to Greece, eh?! =) Now, I’m jealous and can’t wait for February to come! I’m so excited to see the Temple of Zeus firsthand! Hihi! :D

Michael & Joe Joe said...

We did have a great time in Greece, thank you! The people were kind, the sights beautiful, and the trip a lot of fun. You'll have a blast there, I'm sure.