Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4 Celebration in Marseille

July 4, 2012, came and went with a muted bang this year (we couldn't pull off any actual fire works this year).  We hosted a party in our little urban apartment, and a little over 50 people came to celebrate with us.  Mostly French, our party guests of friends and neighbors sampled some American delights like hot dogs, baked beans, marshmallows, and plenty of desserts.  I joked that if our city quarter didn't all yet know that we're American, they do now!  We had an absolutely wonderful time.  Many of our friends were of enormous help with set up, food prep, and cleanup.  Thanks to everyone who participated, we'll do it again next year!

Our friend Caroline took some great pictures of the event, enjoy:


Clem said...

Oh my !! I miss these moments !! :(

Paul said...

I love Sawyer's confused face.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

We miss you at these moments, Clem!

Considering his life thus far, Paul, he has good reason for said confusion.