Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Hike in the Calanques

Since the birth of our kids, JJ and I have oft discussed an idea we share to have a family exploration day.  The objective is to set a day - maybe monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly - to simply go out as a family and explore.  Exploration could be done in a park, a picnic area, a museum, or a new quarter of the city.  We all love the beauty of God's creation and feel alive when we're in the woods listening to the wind whistling through trees or over rocks.  Thankfully, we are blessed to live in an area surrounded by natural beauty.  Recently, a trek into the calanques as a family told us that we are almost ready to institue said day of exploration.

Together with a couple dear friends, we took off on a hike through rocky proven├žal terrain, headed for the water.  Our descent took us about 2 hours, and upon arrival the sun was already below the rocks, leaving us to swim in the cool shade.  Swimming allowed the spotting of fish and ecosystems in the crystal clear water.  We played and laughed, the kids climbed rocks, and then we hiked a couple hours back up.  By the time we reached the high point, the sun was setting and the sky beautiful.  Our final trek out was in the dark, but so much fun.  Sawyer made the entire hike on his two feet, encouraged by our constant reminders of his incredible toughness (we really were impressed!).  Elsie loved the ride and giggled with every step, especially the climbing ones.
We're hiking! We're hiking!
He climbed, she followed. Really believed she'd do it, too.
I see you there.
Just look at the sun and smile...

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Clem said...

yahooooo !! wonderful time indeed :)