Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

Today's post is intended for an audience of two (but all are welcome to look in). Mom H and Mom S, we love you. We would never have become the family that we are without you two. You molded JJ and I into the adults that we are, and because of that we fit together and we've created our own crazy little family in a molded, mutated image of you. Enjoy some footage of your grandchildren below. We hate that we're not together today, or very often at all. We know of two little ones who would love nothing more than shower you in love and make you laugh. I hope we captured some of that on video.

This one was supposed to be a picture, thus a 2 second accidental video. But it still made the list and I think you'll see why:
And a still of baby Elsie-
Happy Mothers' Day!!


Lisa Brady said...

Precious video's for your Mother's. I enjoyed them. Your such a precious family.

GARRY said...

As Lisa said "precious" I enjoyed them and so has some other people that you know, like my mother. I just hope that your mom checks this out every day.