Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Double the Fun

A few more phun photos until I catch up on rest and schedules and start writing again.
Now that I've joined the man-purse world, Sawyer feels he must imitate. It is difficult to leave the house without him packing a couple essentials into some sort of bag and trying to carry it along. This time, his essentials were a bottle of water and a sippy cup of juice in a plastic bag. Does this mean I need to get my 2-yr-old son a purse too?
Hello world!! Tomorrow we apply for a passport for our little one. Yesterday we went to have some passport photos made. For a passport photo her head must be straight and alined with both eyes open. She decided not to cooperate. Many photos were taken and three spliced together to get two open eyes and a straight head. It's interesting. I sure hope they take it. And then my daughter will look like a baby alien in her passport until she's 5.
Yeah, that thing is spinning. Yeah, he's not holding on. Yeah, he's actively eating his picnic lunch. His mom and aunt cringed. I love it.
These two are inseparable now. It's really fun when child #1 wakes up at 6:30am and throws a fit until he can see and hug child #2 who would happily sleep until 8am.
Really though, as much fun as parenting one of these little ones is, two are even better.


Rachel said...

I love the pictures of Sawyer and his bag! Hope you and Joe Joe are getting some sleep and adjusting to life as a family of 4.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks Rachel. We're adjusting. It's a change, like one you are quite familiar with, but different :).

Lisa Brady said...

Love all the pictures. I'm sure Elsie will not look like an alien on her passport. She's adorable. Love the spinning Sawyer!! All boy :) You all look happy and at peace.