Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A few days later

The outpouring of love and encouragement from everyone has been incredible. Our story is ours not because we made it that way, but because God designed it, carried it out, and then we retold it. It's an honor and a privilege to tell this, yet another story of His provision and love. There's more than a few other stories throughout history in which God provides and God shows his powerful and perfect love. Often in a far crazier way. Start in Genesis, go through Revelation. And then pull out thousands of books, letters, interviews, blogs, and family-held generational stories and His love proves itself over and over. We are equally privileged to share those additional stories as well, anytime someone wants to listen!

Because some of the responses have been fun (I would want it no other way), I'll try and share a few of them on here in a day or two. If a part of our story mad you laugh, say so, I'd love to have more.
Some photos after a few days in the hospital.
JJ and Elsie are still full-time residents at the clinic (odd, since we didn’t even deliver there). Some elevated infection indicators have caused Elsie to take on a few rounds of antibiotics. Until they are down she and Mama will stay while the boys (and my sister) go back and forth. For some reason all of these ‘medical’ people think that my method and chosen location of baby delivery wasn’t ‘sterile’. Not too sure what that’s all about. I wiped my hands on my jeans before and after I caught her.
We’ve enjoyed some great family time at the hospital. Sawyer loves his new sister. And some new toys and treats from home (thanks family/friends via Courtney) don’t hurt either. This moment was really special to one of these two, can you guess which one?Elsie is beginning to come alive and proving to us that she is her own person. Absolutely nothing like her brother, Elsie enjoys to sit quietly in our arms and look around. Contentment is constantly all over her face. We love it. We hope it stays.In other ‘craziest event of our life’ follow-up, my car came back from the crime scene clean-up guy. Our passenger seat no longer looks like someone was shot and bled out. But it does look like someone spilled an entire Big Gulps of coke on it. Dark red coke. We apparently only contracted him for the fabric of the seats though, because there’s still blood streaks on the plastic and metal portions of the door and running boards.

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Dan and Pam Johnson said...

Can't imagine why the medical professionals would doubt the cleanliness of your expertly maneuvered delivery! heehee
Elise is so cute and I love the family pic. I know Sawyer is going to make a wonderful big brother.
Love you guys.