Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The World is Our Playground

Isn’t life simply play time in a big playground? Sometimes I think it is. God created all this stuff and then plopped us into it and said ‘enjoy’! Right?
Today Sawyer and I took advantage of our week of spring-like weather and went to a park with a big pond. We read the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. We then pulled out our 5 slices of bread and fed a multitude of ducks and pigeons. After they’d had their full, we watched. Mallards get a bad rap as goofy and dull, but they really are beautiful creatures. Distinct in the water, they fly with such natural precision. We watched as a couple of ducks lifted out of the water, flew in a big circle, and then came back to the pond with a smooth landing. What fun they were having in their simple playground!

Just like the bread and fish that fed the 5000 and the bread that fed the fowl today, God has proved time and time again that He has more than ample resources to take care of his children. The Israelites in the wilderness had manna and birds to eat. In my life I can attest that He’s never let me down with a need unfulfilled. I know on this earth there is pain and suffering, and I know that there is serious mis-management of resources and disparity, but I believe He’s created and given us plenty to take care of our needs and allow us to live this life with joy!

Yesterday we picked up our car from the garage. After about a month without it, our vehicle runs again! So to celebrate, we went on a family dinner to McDonalds. While munching on his nuggets and fries, Sawyer looked longingly at the indoor playground, complete with plastic balls, padded slides, and foam climbing wall. Are we not made with an innate desire to PLAY?

Imagine you just created an enormous, beautiful, intricate playground. The best that anyone has ever known. Wouldn’t the crowning moment for you as creator be to open the gates up and watch as multitudes of children run in and play with full joy washed over their faces? Sometimes when I hike through a backcountry park and see a small piece of beauty like a trickling waterfall or colorful flower, I stop and smile skyward, trusting that God hears my admiration loud and clear.
But I think that even my interest in nature sells God as Creator short. Our world’s flora, fauna, topography, and pelagic wonders are truly awe-inspiring (if you haven’t seen the Planet Earth documentaries, drop what you’re doing now and go watch them), but could there be still more? Unlike the McDonald’s playground creator, the Earth’s Creator created its inhabitants, too. Do you think God beamed the day I learned to use my thumb and fingers to pick something up? Or the moment I realized I have peripheral vision? Or the years in which I met my wife and discovered romantic love for the first time? I do.
He made us because He loves us. He made this world... to lock us into? No! To enjoy! He made our bodies, our emotions, our minds, and to all of it He said ‘this is good’. Hurry up spring, I can’t wait to get out and play!

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