Saturday, March 27, 2010

Men's Euro Style

Today I had some free time and some birthday money that had sat dormant for a month. I decided it was time for my first european article of clothing. I went to a middle-of-the-road department store that carries a little bit of everything and pilfered through the men's section. Lots of dress shirts, cardigans, and jackets hung on the racks in both muted and loud colors. Mannequins dressed in combinations of those with goofy hats tempted me, but I knew I could never pull off such styles. I wandered through some of the pant options, and though very slightly intrigued, I decided that I am definitely not going to buy manpris anytime soon (sorry Brady). Then I picked up a casual pair of black pants and discussed my sizing with one of the saleswomen. I took off to the dressing room, and it wasn't until I was in the process of changing that I saw the "slim fit" tag. I've been curious about the Euro-slim fit style of pants for men that is widely popular here and quickly gaining steam in the States. They fit you around the middle and then take the shape of your legs all the way down and, I don't know, tuck into your shoes or something? So I tried them on, and I must report that they were surprisingly comfortable. But one look in the mirror told me that I am not ready for this sort of a style shift. Maybe someday, but today is not that day (sorry Evan, I just can't do it).

I ended up settling on a jacket that I really liked. Only thing strange about it was that the zipper pull was on the opposite side of what I'm used to. I guess that's a European-American difference? I sure hope I didn't buy a women's jacket... I so love how sturdy my shoulders look in it!

On another note, I was doing some curious searching around the internet in regards to men's fashion out here and I made a discovery. I came across a website for a group entitled "hommes en jupe" or "men in skirts" for the non-francophones. It seems that there's a push for skirts as an actual clothing item for men. I did some checking around some of the larger department stores we've seen in and around Paris, and I found pictures like the one below. It's real! These things are really being carried and sold out here. I can easily say that this is one fashion I will not ever go for. I'm just thankful that I didn't find mention anywhere of a men's miniskirt.

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brady said...

Darn it! I thought I would have read something about your shins sticking out from under your pant legs in this one. Give it a few months...your curiosity will get the best of you, baba.