Friday, January 15, 2010

Uh-oh Cheerio!

Sawyer's new favorite game:

It involves a sliding pantry door and boxes of cereal. Usually it consists of Sawyer crawling away and getting really quiet so that mom and dad will forget about his existence...

These pictures were taken after I walked into the kitchen and saw him sitting with the cheerio box in hand, open and perfectly horizontal. "Noooooo!" I yelled in a low-pitch slow-motion like way as I rushed toward him. But I was too late. The rat-tat-tat sound of spilling cheerios had already begun to fill our kitchen.


Carmen said...

Oh Yes, The memories... Now I recall the reason for the LOVE-
HATE relationship I have always had with Cheerios.. Ever since I had children.. Carmen

Belva said...

Cute! Sawyer sure had fun whether mom and dad did or not!