Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today marks the celebration of the end of the 26th year and the beginning of the 27th year of my brother’s life (follow that?). Born on Super Bowl Sunday in 1984, Ryan has lived a dynamic life up to this point, full of great moments in history such as trick-or-treating as Robin to his brother’s Batman, and Mario to his brother’s Luigi (I can play the sidekick too), rocking perfect scores in Ohio Math League, earning the elusive MSE (most seeds eaten) award from a local sportswriter for his work in the high school baseball dugout, and once predicting exactly the moment UK would block a Florida punt in a live football game (I was there, totally true... of course he was a manager with the team, sort of had insider info).

He sports a golf swing that would make Arnie’s entire Army proud, he married a wonderful young lady (who happened to be JJ’s college roommate), he carries a 23:5 following to follower twitter ratio, and watching him care for his gentle and friendly diabetic dog tells me he is and is going to be a great uncle. Also, because I know of his love for life and passion for seeing kids grow to be men and women, husbands and wives, teachers, workers, researchers, athletes, practitioners, and more, I know he will love and help to raise any children either of us ever have. I’m proud of the man he’s become and quick to brag on him and say that I love him. As a teacher and coach, he devotes his life to a great calling and impacts kids in ways he may never be able to fully see. As a parent, I’d be delighted to have my child in his classroom and/or on his team.

I hope you have a great day Ryan!! Enjoy being a 26-year old. Even though an ocean separates us, know that you are loved and missed!

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