Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Arrival to France

A story from our arrival that made me chuckle at myself, don’t know why I haven’t posted it yet:

So we debarked from the plane and passed through customs. I don't know why, but passing through customs is always a little nerve-wracking. When I handed our passports to the interpol agent, he flipped to the visa page and then spoke in French. I caught that he was asking if we spoke French, and I replied "no". In very broken English he asked "how many times did it take you to get your visa"? After a few re-phrasings, we figured out that he was asking how long it took to get our visas. I think he noticed the discomfort on our faces and laughed, explained that his girlfriend was American and trying to get a visa, so he wondered how long it might take. Ha. Nothing to worry about.

Then down to baggage claim. JJ and S took a seat and I went up, wrangled a few carts, and took up my position at the very end of the conveyor belt. The buzzer rang out just as I settled and was ready, and out came the bags. A crowd had gathered, b/c our plane was huge and there were a lot of people waiting for bags. As they came around, the first bag was our stroller, then my golf clubs, then a trunk, then a duffle... every one of our many many bags (moving requires a bit more than a vacation!) came out in a row, the very first ones through. So here I was at the end of the conveyor pulling off each bag just before it went behind the wall. Everyone was staring at me probably thinking I was some nutty guy who was trying to save everyone's bags from disappearing, or maybe stealing bags. Either way, it was admittedly kind of funny for 200+ people to be standing waiting and one guy at the end pulling giant bags in rapid fire succession.

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