Monday, October 26, 2009

We Love Autumn!

Fall is easily our favorite time of the year, and sadly one of the things we missed the most while in East Africa. But currently in America, we decided to make the most of our opportunity and enjoy all that autumn has to offer! Kentucky fall can be kind of crazy... like playing golf on Saturday in 40 degree (f) temperatures with gale force winds and then hanging out in an orchard on Sunday with sun shining and temps in the mid-60s. Here's some of our fall fun at Evan's Orchard:
Does it get any cuter?

Sawyer driving the bus, all passengers rightly frightened!

We were hopelessly lost in the corn maze...

So Uncle Ryan and Sawyer put together a plan to get us out.

Pointing the way, Sawyer checks behind to make sure we're all in tow.

Enjoying our day.


Sunny's Cheesecake Emporium said...

I have the cutest nephew ever!! I'm not biased at all. Noooo, not me. I mean, I've got Jenni, Jimmie, Ryan, and Courtney to back me up. Maria, I'm sure he's high on your list too. So there you have it. THE cutest nephew ever!

Aunt Kara

Rachel said...

This looks like a lot of fun. Sawyer is adorable. I hope that I get to see him again soon. The last picture is my favorite.