Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm going to eread my ibook

I'm a few years removed from the elementary school scene, so I don't know what's current and I'm just wondering... are "e-" and "i-" now taught in school as standard prefixes? Along with re-, un-, intra-, and other normal prefixes, it seems that e- and i- are no longer simple vowels that fit into a word. Instead, they have become single letter single syllable prefixes that can be applied to just about any word in the English language. Take for instance emarketing, iphone, and ipet.

Do you think "i-" will be added to the dictionary as an accepted prefix before every noun imaginable is copyrighted by product-pushing companies? Or will every single verb have both an ancient meaning and an e-meaning by the time my son reaches school age? Are there any nouns that can't be i-erized or impossible e-verbs?

I think I will go ecook some ibrownies and hope they don't make me efat.

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Rondell said...

The only i prefix I know is iwanna, LOL!