Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend we found ourselves in Atlanta and had a fantastic time with some friends and family. Just after escaping from the airport, we turned ourselves into kids again and went to the Georgia Aquarium to enjoy the wonders of the sea!

Mommy and Daddy both thought the old sea turtle was pretty cool, Sawyer simply enjoyed the youthful enthusiasm of the swimming fish and did his best to chase and grab them, always confounded by some invisible force-field!

In the petting areas, the force-fields were much weaker... but grabbing was still discouraged.

The Beluga Whale is quite a majestic creature of the Arctic. The majesty is slightly dampened by the white noise of people though. Thankfully to the whales, people don't thrive well in ice-cold waters of the Arctic Ocean.

These two sharks were "on a date," as you can hear the narrator of the sea say.

The jellyfish were pretty cool, and obviously photogenic, but the highlight for us was getting to be with friends!


Rachel said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Sawyer's huge smile in these pictures makes me happy.

David said...

Thanks for coming down to Atlanta and cheering us on during the race. It was great to see the two of you and Sawyer and to spend the day at the aquarium with you guys.