Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who needs ears to hear?

Last week we had the opportunity to meet some incredible people. A good number of deaf folks are taking the call to the mission field personally, and going to countries around the world. In many countries the deaf are one of the most forgotten, marginalized groups of people. Considered poor, useless, unable to help themselves... who better to share the love of Christ with deaf people around the world than deaf people?

We have tons of thoughts about this, it's so exciting and we know that God is about to do great things! Instead of rambling we'll just link an article.

Said some from the Russian deaf community, "The hearing people tell us we can't because God doesn't call invalids into ministry." We're thankful that such thought hasn't held back these extraordinary folks.

Your deaf fellow Americans are moving overseas to learn a new language in signs and share their faith... are you ready to share with your neighbor of another culture who does speak the same language as you?


brady said...

sweeeeeet! I'm taking a sign language class, and I love it! :) This is so cool!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Keep it up Brady!
There's a lot of cool ways to use it, and we've begun to hear some great stories already of what's God doing among those not hearing!

Barb Metcalf said...

The pastor we work with in Kenya, Samson Kisia, has a deaf congregation in his church in Ruiri. We had a LifeWay employee who worked with them one summer. The cool thing is that the people in his church know American Sign Language. It's a much needed ministry.