Sunday, September 27, 2009

A day to celebrate!

Who-dey! The Bengals are back! Starting in the 3rd quarter today... they are back. And what's crazy to think, if it weren't for a miracle pass in the Denver game to lose it, they'd be 3-0. Wow. Go Bengals!

To celebrate, here's some much overdo photos of our boy.

Here, Sawyer's playing tug-o-war with Baxter. That's a dog toy, not a baby toy. We think Baxter lets him win. It's either that, or the baby is stronger than all the rest of us.

Could we really be related?

Hanging with my cousin Bella.

Mischievous? No not me!

If anybody's keeping up, we're traveling a bit the next few weeks. VA and Atlanta in the near future (some work with our company and then a visit with family and watching our friends Paul, Tracy, and David run in a half-marathon!), then some slightly more local travel to finish getting our stuff together that we left scattered around in various places.

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Emily Harris said...

Love the photos! Sawyer is getting cuter by the day. And Tanzania is getting hotter by the day. Miss you guys!