Friday, September 4, 2009

Who-Dey, Preseason 09

Yesterday we had the great joy of going to Paul Brown Stadium for the first time in order to watch the Bengals final preseason game against the Colts. Some game highlights:

-On the Bengals first offensive play, the back-up quarterback (Carson Palmer didn't play) handed the ball to #32, the starting running back, and he broke free for about 15 yards. I quickly jumped up and yelled, GO RUDI! But I then realized that no one else was cheering for Rudi Johnson, and a few were looking at me funny. Then the announcer said "that gain is good for a first down, Cedric Benson on the carry." Apparently Rudi's not with the Bengals anymore. Give me a break, I've been in Africa for 2 years!

-The Bengals proved that they are one of the greatest teams in the NFL by drumming the Colts, previously known as one of the best teams in the NFL 38-7, in an always important preseason game.

-I really wish I had a video of this, but my camera battery died... If the Bengals do crumble yet again this year, there is no doubt in my mind why. Only one reason: After every Bengals score, they play this video/song, and it is absolutely the worst song I've ever heard played at a sporting event. Seriously, has no one in the media office at PB Stadium not realized this? Because everyone else in the stadium knows it. if I had to see that video after every touchdown, I'd probably just stay out of the endzone too.

-The only offensive production the Colts did have came from UK great Jacob Tamme. Way to go Tamme! We're thrilled that you are a part of an organization that utilizes your talents and will hopefully allow you to continue to flourish.

Now, since the game was not sold out, it was blacked out from TV in the Cincinnati area, so you probably didn't see it. Allow us to recap for you pictorally!

Palmer to Ochocinco for a touchdown! (Ok, so it was really J Palmer and not C, and it was Chris Henry and others, not Ocho. And you can see big #96 Harrington in there, though normally d-line he came in to block for Palmer on this play).

Ochocinco kicks the extra point! (Sadly, also did not happen)

Sweet post touchdown dance, an energetic retro football spike! (yep... didn't happen)

And then a giant baby came on the field and began eating all of the football helmets. (This one's real).

Tomorrow, we're going back to Paul Brown Stadium for the second time this week for the start of NCAA football!!!! UK takes on Miami (OH). Go Cats!

Thanks Alan for the Bengals tickets and thanks Ryan for hooking us up with the UK tickets!

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