Friday, August 28, 2009

Missouri bans Tupperware

This is funny.

The story, as it was related to me...

The State of Missouri had a problem with pollution. So they decided to do something about it: ban styrofoam from the waterways. No more pontoon picnics with left-behind trash styrofoam coolers floating down the river. A good idea. But since Styrofoam is a brand, they had to use the technical term when writing the bill: polystyrene. Except that someone boo-booed and wrote polypropylene... in other words, tupperware. What's amazing is that the bill made it all the way through the lawmaking process without being noticed or questioned, and then fully enacted into law.

So now, people cannot legally take tupperware to the state parks in Missouri. Tupperware, which no one would throw away anyways, will now not be seen floating down the Mississippi river coming from Missouri. Styrofoam however...

Way to go MO!

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